Third Party Tournaments June 21, 2021
Gambit Esports became BLAST Spring Final 2021 champions

Dota 2 will release a new Battle Pass later this year

Blog June 24, 2021

While the Dota 2 community is going through a rough time because of Sweden's refusal to host TI10 on its lands, Valve is generating new Battle Passes. Until the end of 2021, Dota 2 fans can expect another Battle Pass. Vikram Redi announced this on his Twitter account.Image credits: TwitterThe first Battle Pass of this year was released on the night of June 24 along with the event Nemestice.Image c...

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Postponed again: The International 2021’s date and location are unknown

Third Party Tournaments June 22, 2021

It never happened before and here we go again. Another postponement of The International 10. In 2020, Valve postponed TI10 for an undetermined period due to a global pandemic. A year has passed and now TI10 is under threat of cancellation due to the refusal of the Swedish authorities to Valve's request. At first, everything was in favor of Valve. Stockholm Live and Visit Stockholm promis...

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Made to Win meets Made to be Worn: G2 Esports Partners With Ralph Lauren

Blog June 21, 2021

The G2 Esports esports organization has signed a contract with fashion luxury brand Ralph Lauren, which will be the team's exclusive apparel supplier. The long-term partnership covers the entire G2 organization and will include social media activations and event-based campaigns.Besides, League of Legends star Martin «Rekkles» Larson will take part in the Wimbledon advertising campaign to celebrate...

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Resurgence Valorant roster banned by Riot Games for match-fixing

Blog June 18, 2021

Riot Games suspended professional Valorant players Malcolm «Fermsg» Chang and Ryan «Dreamycsgo» Tan for 36 months from the Valorant Champions Tour for manipulating the outcome of a match.The former Resurgence roster will receive smaller fines «depending on their level of guilt and involvement in cooperating with the investigation».Such measures were taken by Riot Games after investigating the info...

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Gambit will play with NAVI in the final of the upper bracket of BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021

Third Party Tournaments June 18, 2021

According to the results of the NAVI - BIG match at BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021 in CS:GO, the Born to Win found themselves in the final of the Upper Bracket, where Gambit Esports are already awaiting them.Image credits: HLTVThe game will take place on June 19 at 16:30 Kyiv / Moscow. The winner will advance to the final. The other team will advance to the lower bracket.Today, June 18, BIG will...

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Ninjas in Pyjamas beat Evil Geniuses at the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021

Third Party Tournaments June 17, 2021

The team from Sweden beat Evil Geniuses with a score of 2:0 in the lower bracket of BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021.Evil Geniuses chose Overpass and the game ended with a score of 16:11. The ninjas chose Dust 2 and played 16:12.In the next playoff game Ninjas in Pyjamas will face the defeated team of the pair Gambit - Complexity.Evil Geniuses received $10 000 and left the tournament, ranked in 7...

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SumaiL has replaced Ana in OG

Blog June 16, 2021

Said Sumail «SumaiL» Hassan rejoined the OG roster. He will replace Anathan «Ana» Pham, who decided to end his Dota 2 career and left the team.OG roster at the moment:SumaiL;Topson;Ceb;Saksa;N0tail.With the new roster, OG will take part in ESL One Summer 2021. The team will also fight for a slot at TI10 in the closed European qualifier, which starts on July 7th.SumaiL has already played with OG in...

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Third Party Tournaments June 15, 2021

ESL One Summer 2021 organizers have announced the final list of participating teams. The last three direct invitations to the tournament were received by, OG and Unique.Full list of ELS One Summer 2021 Teams:Alliance;Team Secret;Monaco Gambit;Team Unique;OG;;T1;Team Liquid;Quincy Crew;Nigma;Tundra; Spirit was previously expected to participate in ESL One Summer 20...

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ana has left OG and is stepping away from Dota 2

Blog June 15, 2021

Kerry OG Anathan «ana» Pham has left the team and ended up his career in Dota 2.Ana returned to the OG squad in April 2021, before the start of the second Dota Pro Circuit 2021 season for Europe. But the team failed to qualify for WePlay AniMajor 2021, ending up in sixth place in the first division. According to the esportsman, he came to the decision to leave after several weeks of deliberation.I...

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Gambit Esports will meet Evil Geniuses at the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021

Third Party Tournaments June 15, 2021

The BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 with a prize pool of $425,000 takes place from Jun 15 to Jun 20, 2021.CIS at the tournament is represented by NAVI and Gambit Esports.In total, eight teams take part in the tournament:Gambit Esports;Natus Vincere;Evil Geniuses;BIG;Complexity Gaming;Ninjas in Pyjamas;FaZe Clan;G2 Esports.The teams will fight in a double-elimination bracket up to three wins.Toda...

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