Blog June 1, 2021

AGO Lost ESL Polish Spring 2021 Championship due to Stream Sniping

Initially, the tournament ended with the victory of the AGO team, but after the revision of the championship results as part of the investigation with the participation of ESL and ESIC, AGO was caught in streamsniping, and the title of the winner was given to the HONORIS team, which AGO defeated in the grand final.

The reason for the check was a video that appeared on social media. It shows the employees of the club who were in the same room with the AGO team during the grand final.

Thanks to the full cooperation of AGO representatives in the investigation, they managed to avoid the most severe punishment - complete disqualification for two years from all ESL tournaments. AGO challenged the decisions of ESL, noting in their statement that they have provided all the necessary materials to confirm the absence of any unlawful action on their part.