Blog July 15, 2021

FaZe Clan CS:GO Analytic: «It's hard to play against Gambit»

The IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs kick off 16 of July. On the eve of tomorrow's match Gambit - FaZe, FaZe Clan CS:GO analyst Vyacheslav «Innersh1ne» Britvin in his Telegram-channel shared some thoughts on whether it is difficult to prepare for the game with Gambit. Innersh1ne noted that it is not difficult to prepare for the match against Gambit Esports, but to play against them...

I've been asked many times: is it difficult to get prepared for Gambit?
Well, it's not hard to prepare for Gambit. Playing against them is difficult.
They have a good, strong structure and sense of rounds, lots of fakes for attack and clear calls for defense.
They know well what, why, and when to play, and don't get lost in their rounds despite their broad pool of strategies.
Even if you understand what your opponent is up to, it's unrealistically hard to counter.
I would compare the Gambit game to a period of Astralis dominance, both in quality and structure. However, Gambit plays a little more fun and bold.
I should note that FaZe hasn't played against Gambit yet. Friday will be the first game, but with mousesports I had previous experience with the guys from CIS twice.


Recall that FaZe Clan and Gambit Esports will fight tomorrow, July 16 at IEM Cologne 2021 at 20:15 in Kyiv and Moscow time. The winner of this match will be in the semifinals and will play Natus Vincere.

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