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Fortnite 2021: the best skins and new items of the summer

During the lockdown, the popularity of games has grown to all-time highs, although Fortnite hasn't had to complain about its lack of audience since its early days. Interest is regularly fueled by new skins, weapons, and maps that developers are constantly adding to the game. The year 2021 has already managed to please with impressive new products, but the pleasant surprises do not end there.

Why is everyone crazy about Fortnite

Fortnite is considered one of the most popular and in-demand multi-platform games in the world today. An army of fans is waiting for updates, the celebs (like Travis Scott) are holding online concerts at the venues inside the game, and the developers are regularly adding new features and capabilities.

A smart move for Fortnite was the addition of a «battle royale» mode, which is based on the classic scenario with 100 players on a map that is constantly shrinking. But Fortnite would not be Fortnite if it did not offer a unique solution: Battle Royale in Fortnite is about the ability to change the structure of the map to suit your own needs. Although all this takes place under the shelling and attacks of monsters, you can significantly improve your position by coming up with and implementing new solutions to strengthen your defense. Because of this moment, the game can be called a kind of hybrid of The Walking Dead and Minecraft.

To survive in the realities of Fortnite, players have to constantly cooperate, fighting against enemies which can be controlled by both: other players and the system. Easy registration, interesting gameplay, and a large friendly community have brought the game to all possible tops. The game is suitable for different ages, which only contributes to its popularity.

Other reasons why Fortnite is in demand in the gaming world:

  • Maximum multi-platform — the game can be launched on a huge number of devices, from Nintendo Switch to various Android and iOS devices;
  • The duration of multiplayer games is up to 30 minutes;
  • Each player can re-enter a new game without a long wait;
  • Updates of functionality and plot occur almost every week;
  • V-Bucks — the game has its currency, which is issued for special tasks You can spend currency on improving your characters;
  • A huge community around the world without any boundaries allows you to find like-minded people and friends;
  • The game runs well and without errors, which can be called a great achievement for such a large-scale product.

Summer skins to fight the heat

Like most games, Fortnite has skins for leveling up its characters. Epic Games regularly adds characters from the most popular games and films, making players’ lives even more interesting. Fortnite, similar to most games, has skins for boosting one's characters. Gamers are helped in this by Epic Games, which regularly adds characters from the most popular games and movies. Several more characters will be presented to players this summer. Some of them have already been confirmed by the developers, while others are still surrounded by gossip. So, let's go!


Image credits: Epic Games

This character first appeared in the game two years ago, when the Avengers Endgame event was taking place, and now he awaits a triumphant return. In the summer you can take part in the Thanos Cup and feel like the arbiter of the destinies of mankind. Thanos will be opposed by another hero from the Marvel universe, but more on that later. The estimated cost of this skin is in the 1500-2000 V-Bucks range.


Image credits: Epic Games

Ahead of the new season «Rick and Morty», a mad scientist with strong love to swear and ruthless pranks, is coming to Fortnite. Rick will appear in Season 7 with Morty aka «Hammer Morty» as his harvesting tool. The skin will only be available for Fortnite Crew, and it will be an unforgettable adventure (for a couple of minutes, back and forth, of course).

Batman Zero (Batman crossover)

Image Credits: Epic Games

The Fortnite / Batman crossover miniseries are nearly complete, with new comic issues coming out every two weeks. According to the legend of the plot, the detective finds himself on the island of Fortnite, not remembering who he is, what happened earlier, and how he got here.

The character is interesting even to those who are as far from Batman history as possible. . The in-game atmosphere looks bright and impressive, and the first skin release included the code for the Rebirth Harley Quinn skin, with additional pickaxes, gliders, and backdrops. In the past appearance, the skin looked like the heroine from the movie «Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey», which was released in 2020. Fans of the super-villainess appreciated the appearance of their favorite in Fortnite / Batman: Zero Point, so put a timer on the table and wait for Harley to appear in the image of Rebirth.

Image Credits: Epic Games

A code that includes all six comics will give you an additional bonus Armored Batman Zero Fortnite skin. By the way, the very subscription and/or purchase of the comic takes place through the DC Universe Infinite service (available only in the USA or through a VPN).

Most anticipated Fortnite summer skins we deserve: Loki and Superman 


Image Credits: Epic Games

The Trickster God Skin was added to the list on July 1 for players with an active Fortnite Squad membership. Loki's outfit includes: 

  • Loki's Cloak back ornament;
  • Chitauri Chariot hangs or businessman glider;
  • Loki's Staff pickaxe;
  • Loading screen called Loki's Welcome.

It's not entirely clear if Fortnite Loki is related to the Loki series on Disney Plus, but it is already known that he will interact with Thanos, which is also announced for this summer.

It should be noted that, despite Loki's anxious anticipation in Fortnite, the first negativity about him has already appeared. It concerns the horns on the Scandinavian god's helmet, which interfered with aiming, and sometimes completely blocking the player's view. A collection of screenshots has already appeared online to support the indignation of the players. Reddit users have even suggested several options for redesigning the helmet, but there have been no comments from the developers themselves yet.


Image Credits: Epic Games

After Fortnite ironically poked fun at Superman's goggles that turn him into an ordinary person, there was some suspicion about adding the skin to the game's collection. And now, Superman's appearance is officially confirmed in Fortnite Season 7. Apparently, this will be a secret skin, so you won't be able to get it just like that, you will have to complete additional tasks, although they promise that it will be feasible and very interesting. The in-game counter predicts the appearance of the skin on August 12.

You will meet Clark Kent in a formal suit with a tie and glasses, thanks to the built-in emotion, a serious businessman turns into a seductive superhero in a branded suit. In addition to the Superman Outfit, you get Superman Shield Spray and the Daily Planet back bling. Nice goodies include the Solitude Striker harvesting tool and Kal-El's cloak as a glider.

It is rumored that...

... the following skins will also be added.

Samus Aran

Image credits: Epic Games

Back in Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2, fans turned to Nintendo to add the Metroid Samus Aran skin to Battle Royale. But then the requests were not crowned with success, and the fans managed to become discouraged.

Later, information and proofs were leaked on Twitter that Epic Games and Apple were communicating in court regarding the addition of Samus and Naruto, Ariana Grande, and several other characters. Suspicions about Samus's long-awaited appearance emerged after the third episode of the Batman miniseries, where a silhouette resembling a bounty hunter was seen. Whether this is true or speculation of languishing fans, we will find out this summer.

Leader of the Seven

Image credits: Epic Games

Another possible addition to the skins list is Foundation Fortnite. The character has already appeared in the fifth season, and many have a glimmer of hope that we will see him this summer. Most fans believe that one should not wait for the hero before season 8, everyone remembers how he tragically fell into the ocean, and it is not yet clear how he can be returned without sacrificing the logic of the plot. Rumors of the Foundation in Season 7 emerged when files were discovered by enthusiasts that indicated an earlier appearance of the skin in the game.

In lieu of a conclusion

Epic Games is working on adding a collection of skins that will bring different fandoms together in one place. In-game cosmetics are looking more and more impressive, and interaction with the audience allows you to create exactly what you need here and now. Fortnite is one of the most inclusive games in history today.

In the first half of 2021, Fortnite has already released several skins that threaten to become legendary and re-release in the future. For example, the T-800 arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale after safely annihilating the entire human race on Judgment Day. Players have never faced such a serious opponent before!

Another incredible crossover is Fortnite Xenomorph & Ripley. Aliens and Ripley infiltrated the world of Fortnite and turned it upside down, showing an alternative to what was happening.

Image credits: Epic Games

Other amazing new additions include the «Midas» female character skin, Marioesque's Grimey, and even Agent Jones. We can only guess how far Epic Games' fantasy will go and what new items await us by the end of 2021.

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