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IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs begins on July 16

IEM Cologne 2021 is coming to a finish. The first major LAN tournament in over a year will continue this Friday with the playoff stages, where the remaining six teams will meet to battle for the first place and prize pool $1,000,000.

On July 16 there will be two quarterfinals, followed by two semifinals on Saturday and a grand final on Sunday. So we're in for a hot weekend. In the first quarterfinal on Friday, will face Astralis. In the second quarterfinal of the day, Gambit Esports will compete with FaZe.

The two group stage winners G2 and Natus Vincere will have one more day off or practice before the semifinals and they will be back in action as they fight for the IEM Cologne 2021 title. 

The opponent for the Franco-Balkan team might be or Astralis. We really hope that Gambit will fight again with Navi, but for that they have to beat FaZe.

Game Na'vi vs Gambit / Faze is scheduled for July 17 at 20:15. 

Faze will play in the playoffs on July 16 at 20:15 against Gambit.

The IEM Cologne playoff schedule is:

Image credits: HLTV

NAVI defeated Astralis in the final of the upper bracket Group B with the score 2-1 and that victory allowed the team to go straight to the semifinals of the tournament.

IEM Cologne 2021 takes place from July 6 to 18 in Cologne. Playoffs are scheduled for July 16 to 18: 

  • Single Elimination;
  • BO3;
  • Grand Final - BO5.

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