Blog July 20, 2021

NAVI is No. 1 in HLTV CS:GO ranking

The team from the CIS after winning the IEM Cologne took first place in the HLTV ranking. So Gambit Esports is no longer the best team of the world. By the way, Gambit was on top of the world for 14 weeks.

Source: HLTV

This is the fourth time Natus Vincere has been at the top of the rankings. Previously, they were in the top 1 of HLTV in 2016, 2020, and early 2021. However, each of their first-place stints was short-lived, with a total of 19 weeks — only five more weeks than Gambit Esports this year.

In any case, NAVI and Gambit will have a chance to show who's boss of CS:GO in the CIS at ESL Pro League Season 14 in August and September and win the Intel Grand Slam title.

Speaking of other ranking shuffles, Astralis, and FaZe have moved up significantly, while Heroic, NIP, Vitality, mousesports and OG have dropped several positions.

Also on July 19, NAVI topped the ESL rankings, thereby displacing Gambit Esports to the second place ranking.

Source: ESL

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