Blog July 13, 2021

New updates from Valve for Dota 2

Dota 2 developers made some updates. Valve have added a team bundle for Hellbear Smashers to the game, as well as extended the support clubs. DPCSC content will now hang around through 18 October right after The International 10 ends, instead of July 31.

Localization files were updated, including Russian and Ukrainian. Size of this update is about 130 MB (with Workshop Tools installed).

Also SteamDB has spotted another update for the game. Size of this update is about 60 MB (with Workshop Tools installed).

List of updates:

  • An issue with the default Dire ranged creep looking a little funky is now fixed;
  • Two new debug commands for lag compensation have been added, dota_lag_compensation_test (protected by sv_cheats) and dota_lag_compensation_window.

Valve's developer JeffHill has taken the time out of his day to explain what's going on with these two convars:

Image credits: Reddit

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