Third Party Tournaments June 22, 2021

Postponed again: The International 2021’s date and location are unknown

It never happened before and here we go again. Another postponement of The International 10. 

In 2020, Valve postponed TI10 for an undetermined period due to a global pandemic. A year has passed and now TI10 is under threat of cancellation due to the refusal of the Swedish authorities to Valve's request. 

At first, everything was in favor of Valve. Stockholm Live and Visit Stockholm promised that The International 10 would be considered an elite sporting event in the country, and its participants would receive privileges during the pandemic, as well as the issue of visas would be settled. However, the Swedish Sports Federation has not recognized esports as an official sport, which is why the government has decided not to give the green light for the event.

At the moment, Valve is looking for possible alternatives for this year's event. 

«We feel confident that in either instance we will have a solution that allows us to hold TI10 in Europe this year, and that we will be able to announce an updated plan in the very near future».

The cancellation of TI10 in Sweden won't change anything for the teams who plan to qualify for TI. Qualifiers will start on schedule — June 23rd. 

The sudden cancellation of the event venue is a huge blow to Dota 2 fans and professional players, considering that the community recently watched the coolly organized and held AniMajor and ESL One Summer 2021. The Dota 2 community jokes through tears, suggesting their ideas for TI10 locations:

As a consolation amidst the TI10 news, Valve has announced that the promised June Nemestice event will take place later this week.

Image credits: Valve

The International 10 was originally scheduled to take place at Avicii Arena in Stockholm on August 15-25.

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