Blog October 1, 2021

S1mple and Sh1ro are nominated for the Esports Awards 2021

Alexander «S1mple» Kostylev and Dmitry «Sh1ro» Sokolov have been nominated for the Esports Awards 2021 in the «Best Esports PC Player» category. Also among the nominees of the international Esports Awards are Wang «Ame» Chunyu, Kim «Doinb» Tay San, and other players in the disciplines of CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2.

Source: esportsawards


Among the finalists in the «Breakthrough of the Year» category is Valery «B1t» Vakhovsky (NAVI, CS:GO) and Ayaz «nAts» Akhmetshin (Gambit, Valorant).

Source: esportsawards


The voting will be held at the official Esports Awards portal. The results will be announced at a ceremony on November 20.

In 2020 the best player of the year in esportsports according to Esports Awards was a meader of Team Secret team in Dota 2 Michal "Nisha" Jankowski. The organizers determine the winners through the audience vote and expert jury.

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