Blog October 4, 2021

sh1ro awarded MVP IEM FALL CIS

Sokolov is only 20 years old and this is the second (and not the last) MVP in the player's career. Previous MVP sh1ro won at IEM Katowice 2021, where Gambit defeated

sh1ro stood out in a number of categories at the event, topping the leaderboards for:

  • Rating (1.45);
  • K-D (+105);
  • KPR (0.89);
  • DPR (0.47);
  • KAST (77.9%);
  • clutches (7). 

The top game was the victory over Entropiq with a rating of 1.95 for BO3. In the grand final against Natus Vincere, sh1ro flashed with a rating of 1.55. He also excelled in inconsistency, completing all 11 maps with a rating above 1.00.

This time sh1ro has significantly overtaken two other candidates for the MVP title:  Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev and Mareks «YEKINDAR» Gaļinskis.

Source: HLTV

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