Third Party Tournaments October 8, 2021

The game between and OG became the most popular on the first day of TI10

On the first day of The International 10 in Dota 2, the tournament was watched by over 1.1 million viewers at its peak. The most popular was the fight between and OG.

Source: Esports charts


At the peak, the match between and OG was followed by more than 520 000 people. The second place in this indicator was taken by OG and their game with Alliance. This fight was watched by 437 000 users at its peak.

In total, viewers spent 11.2 million hours on the stream, and on average 786 000 people watched the games. Most of the views were on Twitch — 660 000 in the peak vs 196 thousand on YouTube and 119 thousand on DotaTV.

Today lost in the match against T1 with a score of 2:0.

Source: Twitter