Third Party Tournaments June 11, 2021

There are two direct invites left for The International 10

The team from Sweden Alliance got the tenth slot at The International 10. Now there are only two direct invites left on WePlay Animajor to TI10.

Alliance is very lucky in this situation. They had the same number of points with beastcoast and Thunder Predator, but given the fact that the Swedes were knocked out of the tournament later than beastcoast, they were the leader. In addition, the NoPing e-sports team, who also left Animajor, should also be thanked for the direct invitation to TI10.

Out of 18 TI10 participants, 5 teams are from China

Chinese teams received direct invites to TI at the end of the DPC season:

One more team from the region will be determined by the results of the closed qualifier at TI.

The International 10 will take place from 5 to 15 August in Stockholm. The prize pool — $ 40,018,195.