Blog July 7, 2021

Valve released Fair Play Guidelines

On July 6, Valve released an update for CS:GO, adding some additional features to the game:


  • Bullet penetration check will ignore the firing player model entirely;
  • Fixed bot difficulty selector to correctly apply for offline with bots War Games matches;
  • Stability improvements.

Image credits: CS:GO


  • Premier matchmaking can now be selected together with other competitive maps;
  • Added competitive matchmaking presets and the ability to save/load favorite map selections.

Also, Valve added a link to the «CS:GO Fair Play Guide» that appears every time a player is about to take a match on the official game servers. 

Image credits: CS:GO

Fair Play Guidelines

The recommendations from Valve highlighted the following points for players who choose to play on the official servers CS:GO:

In all modes

  • Never cheat;
  • Do not be rude or verbally abusive to teammates or opponents;
  • Never use automation (for any reason).

In Competitive and Wingman

  • Play to win;
  • Play the full match.

 Failure to comply with these rules may result in various restrictions on communication, bans, and blocking.

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