Partner Tournaments June 2, 2021

WePlay Animajor 2021 Russian-language broadcast: less anime, more sports

WePlay Animajor 2021 starts in just a couple of hours.

For the convenience of Dota 2 fans, WePlay Esports organized broadcast studios in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

The rights to the Russian-language broadcast were acquired by the Maincast studio. The format of the WePlay major is in its name — WePlay Animajor, but the commentator and co-founder of Maincast Vitaly «v1lat» Volochay has his view on the format of the Kyiv major coverage:

«We're not going to change into any costumes. I'm not sure about Misha (Mikhail Zverev. - Ed. note) — I can't vouch for all the talent. Someone writes that we could have adjusted like RuHub. I understand — they made a complete copy of what WePlay does. It's a WePlay thing — let them keep it. WePlay is very proud of this chip, it's their tournament, their idea. If you like anime, if you like costumes and scenery, then welcome to the English-language stream. There's going to be a lot of that there».

From the anime, Volochai said, the studio will have anime-inspired graphics, figurines, decorations, and interludes. 

«Overall, the graphic style of the two broadcasts won't be much different. But still, we're working in our usual, athletic mode. For us, it's not what happens between the end of the first map and the beginning of the second map that matters, but what happens inside the game».

As a reminder, the game between Team Spirit and Winstrike will take place at 14:00 Moscow and Kyiv.