Blog October 21, 2021

Winstrike Team Dota 2 roster left without a coach

Winstrike Team Dota 2 coach Timur «Ahilles» Kulmukhambetov decided to leave the coaching position. He announced this on his official Vkontakte page. The motives for this decision are unknown, but probably the reason was the team's zero achievements in recent times. 

Ahilles joined Winstrike Squad in 2020 and has since helped the team get out of the second division of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 thanks to a second-place finish. The team failed to stay in the first division, and next season will start from the bottom again. In addition, the team did not manage to win a single card at The International qualifiers.

At this point there's no word on whether Ahilles is going to continue his coaching career. The future fate of the Dota 2 Winstrike Team is also unknown.

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