Third Party Tournaments June 9, 2021

ZywOo - Best Player of the IEM Summer 2021 Group Stage

Team Vitality sniper Mathieu «ZywOo» Herbaut became the best player on the group stage. He finished the first stage of the IEM Summer 2021 with a rating of 1.44.

The following players are in the top 5 of the rating:

  1. Mathieu «ZywOo» Herbaut (Vitality).
  2. Mateusz «mantuu» Vinchevski (OG).
  3. Shahar «flameZ» Shushan (OG).
  4. Pavle «Maden» Boskovic (FPX).
  5. Nemanja «huNter» Kovacs (G2 Esports).

Sergey Ax1le Rikhtorov (Gambit Esports) took the sixth position in the rating.

IEM Summer 2021 was the first tier-1 tournament where Ancient officially replaced Train in the tournament map pool.

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The tournament runs from June 3 to June 13 in an online format. The prize fund is $ 250,000.